Prices in store are subject to change due to the increasing production and transportation costs.

Please check with our Sales Representatives for the actual prices.

Our Service

Flexible Payment Terms
We want to offer you a worry-free and flexible deal so that you can spend more time on your business and unlock the potentials. 

Interwaters provides a wide-range of online payment methods to speed up the buying process.
Value-adding Service
Our 101% Customer Service is like the extension of your in-housing packaging expert so that you will be stress-free about product specs or technical issues. We are here to go the extra mile for you. 
Good Warehouse Location
We have good warehouse locations located in the central (Macpherson) and also in Tuas South with a large space to store our mass-manufactured goods. In alignment with our data-driven supply chain efficiency, our warehouses with good location and large storage space speed up local delivery for orders, large or small. No more waiting for overseas delivery.