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Product Overview

Item Unit Size Tolerance
Outer Body Diameter mm 57.5 Reference
Flanged Can Height mm 146.1 +/-0.25
Flanged Width mm 2.15 +/-0.15
Neck Plug Diameter mm 52.4 +/-0.15
Bottom Center Depth mm 10.30 +/-0.15
Base Rim Diameter mm 47.2 Reference
Bottom Buckle Resistance Kpa ≥610 Minimum
Column Strength N ≥1000 Minimum
E.R.V Enamel Rater Value
Beer: Max ≤ 75MA, Avg ≤ 30MA
General: Max ≤ 30MA, Avg ≤ 8MA

The price shown above is for 1 to 4 cartons of purchase. 

Kindly note that the body of this product and its lid are not sealed, but they are sold as one set. 

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